Young Adult Wish List: Extended Edition

Fun fact: My mom and her two sisters are teachers. Mom’s a kindergarten teacher, Heather teaches 8th grade history and Deb taught adaptive P.E. before retiring to run her nonprofit TASK... I, however, was once voted “least likely to ever be a teacher” What can I say? Years of helping in non-air-conditioned classrooms, getting that... Continue Reading →

Why I Rep Young Adult

My freshman year of high school was like something from a novel… Having struggled through my time in middle school (see Why I Rep Middle Grade), I transferred to a teeny tiny private school in hopes of starting fresh. Novel Point #1: I didn’t tell a soul from my old school. Sure, a couple of... Continue Reading →

Why I Rep Middle Grade

When I was in middle school, I pretty much fit into two stereotypical roles. The first was the “fat kid.” Oh my gosh, guys, not only was I a five-foot-nothing, two hundred pound sixth grader, I was oh so fortunate as to get hit hard by the grease fairy: my hair was always shiny in a bad... Continue Reading →

Fall Thrillers Wishlist

Every year, starting about a week before October, when the weather here starts its 90 degrees on Tuesday but 67 degrees on Wednesday flip flop routine, I start rereading Lois Duncan's books. I don't think about it or plan what to read, I just always remember one and the rest fall in behind it. This year it... Continue Reading →

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