Submissions Update!

Hey all,

I’ve been totally blasting through my to do lists lately, so I figured I would share a few updates on where we’re at. If you’ve sent me a query, partial or full and are wondering what’s happening with that process here’s a rundown of where I’m at in my submissions and a few things that are coming up…


I always do my best to stay within three months on all submissions fronts, but right now I’m pretty on top of my submissions so I’m a bit ahead of that on a couple counts. If you sent me a query, partial or full before these dates and haven’t heard from me, please feel free to reach out.

  • Queries: February 9, 2018
  • Partials: February 6, 2018
  • Fulls: January 10, 2018

What I wish I could see more of…

  • Kids having adventures (or misadventures) on the space station or training for space missions. (MG Sci-fi)
  • Historical anything. Fantasy, adventure, adult, young adult, middle grade. I love the 1920’s and would actually flip over an adult historical mystery centering on a strong female sleuth.
  • Ocean or island setting. If you can compare your work to Moana or you have a dark fantasy set on an island, I would love to check out your story. I also have been dying for an awesome historical or fantasy involving pirates. A contemporary that features that unique dynamic of island life or sailing would also grab my attention.
  • Middle grade contemporary adventures. Gordon Korman has all of my favorites from when I was that age. On the Run, Everest, Island, Kidnapped, etc.
  • Weird, dark and atmospheric carnival or circus setting… well, any weird, dark and atmospheric setting actually. I love the feel of dystopian, steampunk and broken settings just as much as I love the gothic fog filled moors and the damp castles.
  • Fairy tale re-tellings of unique or known myths, legends or tales. The key to hooking me with one of these is in the atmosphere and characters. Make the story your own.

What I’m really not looking for…

  • I am no longer accepting adult or new adult science fiction
  • End of the world stuff
  • I’m not really into stories that take place in the afterlife
  • While I am looking for a bit more romance in the adult books I am considering, I am 100% not looking for erotica.
  • Stories centering around cancer, featuring characters dying from cancer, focusing on the death of a loved one who had cancer. Those stories have merit, but I’m just not the agent to represent them.
  • Stories from a dog’s (or any animal) point of view… unless it’s a contemporary “who rescued who?” kind of story. Think Dog by Daniel Pennac


In February I attended and took pitches at the Indianapolis writer’s workshop and met so many amazing and talented authors. I also participated in #kisspitch. If you submitted to me through either of these events, you should have heard back from me with either a request for more pages or with feedback at this point. If you haven’t, please let me know.

Today I participated in #pitmad! I’ll be getting back to everyone who submitted requested materials as soon as possible. Can’t wait to dive in!

Looking forward I’m so excited to be heading to Book Expo America this spring and to be taking pitches at Gateway Con and the Chicago Writers Workshop this June. If you’re thinking of pitching to me or another agent coming up, keep an eye on the blog or the Corvisiero news letter for my post on pitching to agents at conferences.


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    1. Hi Rachel, stories featuring special needs characters are always going to be something I’m on the look out for. This list is just a supplement to my submissions wish list 🙂

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