We’ve Moved!

As you probably know, I recently moved from Holloway Literary to Corvisiero Literary Agency. During that process I found myself without an official publishing job for two WHOLE weeks.

I thought I might die of boredom.

As I was talking to industry friends the response was a resounding “catch up on your TBR pile!”… While I did read a lot, I didn’t do that. I’ve pretty well accepted that I’ll never catch up on that particular pile of awesome. Friends and family outside of the industry suggested house cleaning, painting, actually adding all of the various games, gatherings and deadlines to my schedule, and taking time to (you guessed it) read for fun. What, in all of my infinite wisdom did I do?

Riley “The Pup”

I got a puppy.

A six month old German shepherd-corgi mix who I swear has been sucking all of the energy right out of me only to use it sprinting around the coffee table a record breaking 16 times. Causing the diva, a 15 year old Maltese I rescued six years ago, to throw her trademark tantrum (barking, howling, throwing herself on the floor with a truly Shakespearean flair)-I think hate accurately describes my downstairs neighbor’s feelings toward me right now.

The last two weeks have been absolutely insane. But! For the first time since I started in publishing in 2014, I was taking time off. No checking emails in the grocery line. No reading queries while waiting for friends. Now that I’m officially back in the agent life, I’m more motivated than ever to get back to work.


Tilly “The Diva”

So here’s what happening:

I’m settling into life at Corvisiero, which is AMAZING so far!

I started this, my very own blog to rant, rave and answer author questions on. If you have a question or if you have a topic that you want to request I cover, please feel free to submit that through my Contact page.

I’m attempting to actually update Goodreads regularly… I’ll let you know how that goes…and I’ll be scheduling in time specifically to update Twitter and send out #mswl tweets!

I’ll be adding conference dates and events to my appearances page soon!

And of course, I’m looking for amazing authors of all shapes and sizes! Check out my submissions page for more on what I’m looking for.


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